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iPod no longer a status symbol
Having an iPod these days is not a status symbol anymore. For those like me who works for the web and designs graphics with high MB file size, iPod nano, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle is an investment. With iPods's 6 to 60 GB capacity, it is a dream of every techie. You can save all of your important files in a small, sleek and very elegant iPod.

But of course, a $300 to $400 ++ iPod nano or iPod video costs too much for some of us. If you want to have a cheap iPod and wouldn't want to settle for anything less (and go for the cheap flash audio players around), then you may need to read my suggestions below to be able to have that cheap iPod that your money can buy (and your conscience to allow).


No one would notice that your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle was bought from a cheap iPod refurbished e-store. In fact if you buy a new iPod, it will look the same like the refurbished cheap iPod after a few months of use. No one would try to look for your receipt just to know you bought your iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle from an Apple store and not from a cheap iPod store, or would they?

Also, if you bought a new iPod from an Apple iPod store and then the time came that you needed an iPod battery replacement, you will need to pay Apple iPod store 59 bucks for a refurbished iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle, only this time, with a fresh iPod battery.

cheap iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle costs for about $190 to $250 from the cheap iPod or refurbished iPod e-stores.


Try your luck at Ebay and you might get a cheap iPod that costs only $250 for a brand new line.

Many people bid their equipment at Ebay because they need the money far better than the equipment immediately and badly. So most of the times, Ebay sellers sell cheap iPod and part ways with their sleek and sexy iPod because if the immediate need for large sums of money.

You can bid for cheap iPods at Ebay simple by searching "cheap iPods" or sale iPods. There is a chance that you might get a cheap iPod for a brand new iPod nano, iPod video, iPod mini or iPod shuffle.

Take your chance at Ebay, you may never know, you might get that cheap iPod that you want for as cheap as 100 bucks!


All of us have friends who can afford to buy a brand new iPod without the need to starve for a few months of saving or can buy a Porsche car and still remain mortgage free. If you don't have this kind of friends, your friends maybe have this kind of friends.

Apple iPod regularly changes their models; regularly as in every 6 months since the last two years. iPod fanatics do not want to be caught tinkering on their old and already cheap iPod, they want to have the latest model in the market.

These kind of people, your friends or your friends friends, will gladly sell their 3 month old Apple iPod for a cheaper price.

Cheap iPod doesn't always come in a persons way that easily, so grab the chance when someone offers you a cheap iPod for sale!


There are some exchange centers on the net or on local newspapers that offer cheap iPod, brand new and refurbished, in exchange of any items of, more or less, equivalent amount. If you have some items that are still of superb condition and might interest those people who are selling cheap iPods, offer your equipment or items in exchange of the cheap iPod.

If you think you don't need your 3G celfone, you can have it exchanged to a person offering brand new but cheap iPod. Or if you have two items that you think with their selling amounts combined could match that of the cheap iPod, then you can part with those items.

Remember to test first the cheap iPod before you make the exchange.
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