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iPod is the dominating audio player
iPod is only five years old but it dominates the digital audio player in the world. Around 42 million iPod unit sales has been recorded for the fiscal year of 2001 to 2005. The rate of iPod sales in the first quarter of 2006 shows that iPod is selling 100 iPod units every minute.

That is how popular iPod is. For this reason, third party manufacturers are jumping to the iPod craze and are manufacturing iPod skins, iPod covers, iPod cases and iPod special headphones, and iPod battery kits to meet the demand of the users to achieve maximum experience with their iPods.

The third party software developers do not want to be left behind so they created software and plugins for iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod Video. Third party developers offer their products as iPod downloads.

iPod downloads maybe a software or an image or video file for your iPod mini, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle. iPod downloads may be for free, freeware iPod downloads, or shareware, of for free for a limited time of use iPod downloads.

Software iPod downloads may be a dictionary, foreign words translator to english or a video file converter from computer to iPod.

Image or video file iPod downloads include screensavers, icons, free videos, and free music videos.

Below are some of the best iPod downloads.

--Accio Dictionary for iPod

Accio Dictionary is not a Harry Potter dictionary, although this iPod download works magic.

There are many dictionary iPod downloads out there but we consider Accio as one of the best if not the very best dictionary iPod downloads in the industry. With this iPod download, you can manage to ask a simple, "Where is the train station?" in Spanish or German or Portuguese or Italian by just simply referring to your Accio Dictionary in your iPod nano, iPod mini or iPod shuffle.

With this shareware iPod download, you can listed to translatations of phrases and words that a tourist often ask to a native, like asking directions or asking for a name or saying thanks and sorry. The translations in this iPod download are spoken by native speakers.

The Accio iPod dictionary has 8,000 indexed translations. The vocabularies in this superb iPod download are those you need for traveling and everyday usage.

Accio iPod dictionary offers five shareware iPod downloads. iPod Downloads are for: English-German, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Italian, English-Portuguese.

The four Accio iPod downloads also offer the following:

Quick reference using the iPod Notes. It also has a "Talking Phrasebook!" You can listen to translated words or phrases for travelling and everyday use, spoken by native speakers. This iPod download is expandable. You can add several Accio modules into your iPod these iPod downloads have everything you need for tours and travels. Up to 8,000 indexed translations.

--About iSpeak It

This is one of the most incredible iPod downloads to date. Imagine, you can convert into an audio file your favorite e-books simple by using this iPod software. Compatible with iPod nano, iPod mini, and iPod shuffle, you can install this fabulous iPod downloads software from the or at its official website.

If you're a writer and would like to hear how you writing sounds, get this in iPod downloads center immediately for this is for you. This iPod download works best if you are working on a dialogue. You will know if your dialogue sounds more like your mother than a dialogue for a literary piece; unless the character that is speaking is inspired by your mother.

iPod downloads center offers iSpeak as a shareware. You can take any document that you want and convert in into an MP3/AAC track. You can do this in your iTunes by turning on the built-in text-to-speech of Mac. Windows XP also offers text-to-speech capabilities.

What can you do with iSpeak once you downloaded it from the Apple iPod downloads center? You can download news, driving directions, email messages, weather, and then text-to-speech it in your computer with the help of iSpeak and then transfer it in your iPod nano, iPod mini, or iPod shuffle.

This spectacular software from the Apple iPod downloads center accepts files such as Word, RTF, Pages 2, PDF, AppleWorks, text and even HTML files.
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